Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Begin

I have set this blog up as a way of working through my masters degree I have just this year and two units to complete One is to finish off the practical work I have been doing since I began and the other is to collate and justify it all in a theses.  I am revisiting many of the readings I have previously read and written on "Way of all Women", by J Ester Harding, Of Woman Born, by Adrienne Rich, "Joy Hester" by Janine Bourke to name a few. Joy Hester is one of the artists who have influenced my work as is Frida Karhlo and Mirka Mora I am as fascinated by these women's personal life stories as I am by their work.

I will be posting thoughts and photos on here as I progress through the year and blog about what I am currently working on. I am embroidering right now, influenced by Mirka Mora I am endeavoring to actually make a set of the dolls I previously made small air dry clay and fabrics sets only to give as gifts to my family . Now I have the urge to actually make bigger dolls I hope by embroidering them and basing them on my drawings that I create something new and not merely recreate the small Gutamalan set you can purchase So far I am happy with what I am doing I will post pictures once I make the first one up

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