Sunday, March 14, 2010

1st 3-d doll

I have finished the 1st of the dolls I was very happy how she went together It took me a while to know what to do with the face I did not really want a simple stitched face Yet I wanted it simple and graphic enough for a viewer to read into it as in my drawings. My drawings were simple face drawn then rubbed
into mostly the faces were purely accidental.
The stark stitching I had in the beginning was just not quite right so I cut and glued and secured with hand stitching a piece of transparent fabric. I had previously dyed and printed on this The stray lock of hair and configuration of the face was random when I viewed the finished piece I was a little put off by the line from one eye to the mouth Then it reminded me of the scars on my mothers face from car accidents and cancer removal surgeries she had had So I left it. When I make the next dolls I will embroider printed fabric into the faces. Faces emerged in my transparent hangings these were random and unintentional as well.
The photos don't quite do justice to the doll she is very tactile and pleasant to hold she has an unplanned twist to the body that works very well it echoes the rhythm of the charcoal drawings. I will make different poses for the next dolls.

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