Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The beginnings of the 3d dolls

I have begun working and this is the fronts piece for the doll I am going to make them as Mirka Mora did with simply a back and a front sewn together and stuffed I want to keep the construction as simple as possible because all the detail and work will be in the surface application. I am machine embroidering and adding bits of prints and other embroideries I have constructed in my journey so far On reviewing my artists journal once Julie Montgarrat asked what I was going to do with all the bits the little swatches and experiments I have done along the way I did not know then Now I know this is one application. I am using my lovely old treadle to embroider not only because it is by far the best free motion sewing machine I own but it also connects me to women in my past and women of the 3rd world countries that still use these machines for their wonderful creations that compliment their domestic lives It reminds me how I saw wonderful embroideries and applicate in the hills above Chang Mia in Thailand wonderful clothes being created by mothers for their daughters up coming wedding ceremonies.

How these dolls will fit in with what I already have and how I will present them is yet to be determined I have a few ideas that I will toss around then try to put some substance to along the way. I am ready to start on the back view of the doll tomorrow and hope to post a pic of the finished doll by the beginning of next week Providing this method works well I intend to make the six dolls Two Male, four female one female with blonde hair as the representation of my family.

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