Monday, March 21, 2011

Having a bit of fun with the Doll Symbol!

Well a friend from my Sunday Art group made a comment about the little Indigo Spirit Doll I was working on and said I was making a Voodoo Doll So many people pricked up their ears and declared "I WANT ONE TOO!" So I decided to have a bit of fun! First came the T-shirt design! Then a little doll I decided to keep it simple but attractive So of course I had to use my own fabric! I named the doll The Generic Arsehole! (Aussie Spelling of course!" Then I added a label to attach to the doll to make it a Specific Arsehole! All in fun and good spirit of course I thought life can be so hard at times it may just be a therapeutic way to rid your anger and tension for an individual without getting yourself into any real trouble. So no bad language no fisty cuffs Just private inflicting of hoped for Karma. I have so many orders already I am going to be busy! Seems a lot of people out there need tension relief Of course one could just purchase it as a fancy pincushion (wink)


  1. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate that. I love the name of your blog and am looking forward to seeing your future works, too! From the looks of it above, you might be getting another windfall around Halloween! Take care of those sewing fingers!

  2. This post made me laugh ;)

    I think the doll is way too beautiful to represent an arse though lol

    I really like your work. I have a small collection of hand made rag dolls that I treasure.